Vermont's Original Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer, 0.25 Ounce Tube, Moisturizing Ointment for Dry Skin that can Crack Split or Chafe on Hands Feet Elbows Knees Shoulders and More


Bag Balm is the ultimate skin care solution. Whether your skin is dry, chapped, cracked, calloused, or just rough, Bag Balm will moisturize, soften and help heal any skin problem you have. Born on a Vermont dairy farm in 1899, Bag Balm has been the farmers friend, helping to protect their skin from becoming chapped from the harsh winter climate and..


Vermont's Original Bag Balm Animal Ointment, 8 Ounce Tin, for Dry Chapped Skin Conditions Lanolin-Based Helps Keep Skin Smooth and Soft


Since 1899 BAG BALM has been the farmer's friend helping keep dairy cows from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermont environment. It's like having another hand on the farm or a helper around the house. Bag Balm works hard all year round - and works well. There's nothing like the original, and that's what you get when you buy this familiar green ca..


Gentle, Moisturizing Body Wash for Dry Skin. The Only pH 5.5 Balanced Lavender Bath Soap for Sensitive Skin – Moisturizing Shower Gel for All Ages with Organic Wild Soapberries, 8.5 oz—by Tree To Tub


WILD INGREDIENTS WITH A MOISTURIZING TOUCH: Perhaps it's our wild grown soapberries that leave you clean and fresh without drying your sensitive skin. Or maybe it's our Organic Deep Moisture Botanicals that nourish, hydrate, and heal irritation, leaving softness without residue! Regardless of why everyone loves it, obviously our Relaxing Lavender S..

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