Makeup Tools You Can’t Live Without

makeup tools you can’t live without

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Beauty tools can be very peculiar to every individual who uses makeup and its accessories. There is something intensely therapeutic about blending makeup delicately into your skin using a smooth sponge, executing a seamless smoky eye and perfecting a flawless lip using a nimble applicator. More...

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Fragrance

Your guide to choosing the right fragrance

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Perfumes are an elegant accessory that you can wear regardless of your sex and age. You can either buy perfume online or go to a physical store and get something which suits your taste and personality. However, with so many brands and variety, you've got a plethora of choices. The dilemma remains to...

Tips in Choosing the Best Foot Cream

Tips in choosing the best foot cream

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Usually, feet are the most overlooked part of our body. If we care for our skin, hair, and teeth so much, we must give the needed care to our feet as well. You must know that our foot cream lotion is one of the most overworked parts of the body. Without them, you would possibly be unable to perform ...

Effective Makeup Beauty Tips and Secrets

Effective makeup beauty tips and secrets

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If you ever receive a last-minute invitation to a pool party or a date, it can be quite challenging to do the makeup and look all pretty. But do you know, the basic star look can be achieved by applying heavy khol with piled up eyeliner. Remember not to use too much powder foundation that usually o...

 A Quick Guide To Buy The Essential Oils The First Time

a quick guide to buy the essential oils the first time

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In the past decade, there has been a rise in the popularity in the use of essential oils, even though they were invented centuries ago. If you’re a beginner in using the essential oil, the following article will help you understand where and how to get started. What are essential oils?Essential...

Back to the Classic 80's Makeup Trends in 2019

Back to the classic 80's makeup trends in 2019

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“The difficult thing is to not take the return of a style literally, but to give it a little twist, and that is what makes it modern.” — Marian NewmanLiving through those classic years of the '80s was an interesting experience in history — especially for the face bronzer that it set for the world to...